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Monthly Marketing Updates

Welcome To Our Monthly Marketing Deep Dive!

— October 2021 —

Today's Presenters

Tim Wagner

Chief Marketing Officer

Karissa Rhodes - Marketing Specialist at Synergy One Lending

Karissa Rhoads

Marketing Manager

Eric Capehart - Director Of Digital Mortgage of Synergy One Lending

Eric Capehart

Director Of Digital Mortgage

Andrew Haberman - Digital Marketing Manager at Synergy One Lending

Andrew Haberman

Digital Marketing Manager

Jessica Council

Jessica Council

Retail Marketing Manager

We Got Ya Covered!

Jessica Council at Synergy One Lending


Overage / General Support

Kennedy Alvaro at Synergy One Lending


Corporate / Idaho

Dedra Adair at Synergy One Lending


Colorado / Utah

Rylie Frederick at Synergy One Lending


Texas I / Texas II

Ashlyn Faulker at Synergy One Lending


Pacific (AZ, CA, OR, WA, NV, FL)

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Synergy Store

New Items Include:

October 2021 Synergy One swag
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COMING SOON: Beanies, Socks, Long Sleeve Tees, and Athletic Pants!

Taking Advantage of Digital



— Establish Trust and Credibility —

Reviews Blitz Mobile Image
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— Social Media on Auto-Pilot —

Dont get left in the dark when your house shopping Halloween graphic design
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Video Templates

— Scale Your Video Content —

Buying a home with Synergy One Halloween graphic design
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Local Advertising

  • Grow repeat and referral business
  • Targeted, local advertising to past clients and referral partners from your database
  • Increase referrals/solidify partner relationships

Prospective, Local
Community Advertising

  • Targeted, local advertising to prospective clients and potential referral partners in your community
  • Grow your personal brand in your local community
  • Increase referrals/solidify partner relationships


Wait... Live Events?!

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Bring the community to you!


s1 Connect

Recent Enhancement

One-off eSign Documents

S1 Connect users will have the ability to upload and documents into a Docusign portal for LO and Borrower signature

S1 Connect e-Sign 1
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S1 Connect e-Sign 2
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S1 Connect e-Sign 3
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Agent Surveys

  • Both the Buyer’s Agent and the Listing Agent can now be sent post-closing surveys in addition to the Borrower and Co-Borrower


  • To control survey deployments, a section of toggles has been added within the LO Input section of Encompass
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S1 FinFit App


Use S1 FinFit to manage your financial accounts, get your free credit score, credit report and monitoring, plan a household budget to meet your financial goals, and securely store financial documents. You can start your home search in the app when you are mortgage ready – and the app can even let you know when you’re ready!

Budget and Goals

Understand what you are spending and where. Track your spending by categories and drill down into subcategories. Select from several financial goal categories and create plan to achieve goals specific to your financial situation. You can receive alerts if you are off track or confirmation if you are on track.
S1L App budgets dashboard
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S1L App accounts dashboard
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Account Monitoring

Your S1 FinFit dashboard summarizes important financial information such as: account balances, transactions, net worth, credit score, cash flow analysis, estimated home value, spending analysis, offers and promotions from Synergy One Lending, and an information center with personal finance articles and videos, all in one place.

Home Affordability

Prepare for home ownership by planning for a down payment, establishing reserves, managing your debt-to-income ratio, improving or maintaining your credit, creating loan scenarios through our calculators, establishing your projected loan-to-value, and more. Visit the readiness assessment in your app to see a snapshot of your credit overview, debt-to-income ratio, cash reserves, employment, down payment, and sales price.
S1L App affordability dashboard
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S1L App property value dashboard
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Track Home Values

Track your home’s value and see your equity. See what homes in your neighborhood are selling for. By comparing real estate data and your current mortgage details, S1 FinFit is able to provide a snapshot of your home’s financial value.

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