The Cost of being invisible

No Nonsense Social Media with Bill Hart

The Steps to Take to Crush Your Production Goals in 2021

November 10 | 11:00 PST

Message from Bill Hart

“If you tell me that you wanna retire from the business by 2022, keep running your Yellow Page ad and don’t worry about social media. Just work on your handicap. But if you’re gonna be in this business for any period of time, you gotta figure out how to play this thing like a Stradivarius.”
Coach Bill Hart

Want to Crush Your Production Goals in 2021?

“Coach Bill Hart provides the raw, energetic, actionable coaching that is needed now more than ever in the mortgage and real estate industries. An hour spent with him can do more for the growth of your business than just about anything else.”
Aaron Nemec
President, Synergy One Lending

What You'll Learn

Loan Officers!

You can’t say I don’t have time for social media, or I don’t like the way I look on video, or I don’t like the way I sound. You NEED to get past that, because if you don’t, you’re going to be INVISIBLE.

Everyone knows that it’s important to have social as a part of your business plan, but how do you use social media to actually drive your PRODUCTION?

We’ll discuss what you absolutely NEED to be doing on social media RIGHT NOW to make 2021 your highest producing year yet!

Stay Top-of-Mind

How to stay Top-of-Mind with agents and referral partners

Connect Through Video

What steps you can take NOW to connect with prospects through social videos

Long-Term Production

Why social media is so important to guarantee your long-term production

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