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S1L presents one of the foremost authorities on the digital mortgage landscape, Henry Cason, Former Head of Digital Strategy at Fannie Mae and part of the team that created Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty Program, on how consumer expectations are changing and where Fintech comes to the rescue for those who adopt it.

March 3rd | 11 AM PST

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“I believe that consumers will keep coming back to you as a loan officer or a Realtor because, not only did you help them find their home, but you helped them navigate the whole process and created a relationship with them long before they were ready for a mortgage while using FinTech to do that.”

Henry Cason

Loan Officers and Real Estate Professionals!

You can’t ignore the massive impact that technology is having on our industry. Whether you’re talking about online mortgage applications, database marketing, or companies like Zillow making strides to takeover the industry, technology is shifting consumers’ expectations and demands. Consumers are expecting more and more from the companies they work with, and they desire to be catered to based on what you know about them, their data. They’re not looking for one transaction, they’re looking for lenders to use their data and technology to build a lasting relationship and make proactive decisions in their best interest.

Lenders and loan officers that understand this paradigm shift and plan accordingly are going to win big by providing best in-class service to their customers, while those that stay stuck in a singular transaction mindset will be left in the dust. There’s a huge opportunity for tech-focused lenders and loan officers to expand their business, pairing the best of referral-relationship strategies with tech tools and strategies to capture and retain the next generation of homebuyers. We’ll discuss what you absolutely NEED to know right now about how to position yourself with technology to exponentially grow your business!

“We are proud to have Henry Cason join us for this upcoming episode. Through his tenure at Fannie Mae, Henry has probably shaped the digital landscape in mortgages today as much as anyone has.”

Steve Majerus

CEO, Synergy One Lending

what you'll learn...

Increase Production

Build your book of business for years to come by building customer-for-life strategies and systems.

Financial Education & Data-Based Decisions

How to use technology and systems to educate millennial homebuyers, find client opportunities and custom-market to individuals.

Data Privacy

What are customers concerns about their data and how lenders are adapting to them? 

Missed Our Live Presentation? Watch the Recording Now

Missed Our Live Presentation? Watch the Recording Now

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